Today In Western History: Morgan Seth Earp Is Born

April 24 —

Today in 1851, Morgan Seth Earp, younger brother of Wyatt, Virgil and James Earp, is born. 

Morgan Earp, gunfighter and hothead
Morgan Earp, gunfighter and hothead

His picture is often confused with that of his older brother Wyatt, as they looked remarkably alike.     He does follow his brothers into a career in law enforcement, often working beside one or both of his two older brothers.  Morgan is not of the same cool headed and even tempered disposition as his two famous brothers, Wyatt and Virgil, Morgan being more emotionally compatible with one of his older brother Wyatt’s best friends.  The trait he does share with his brothers is that of family loyalty.  Hurt one, you invite an attack by all of them.  This unquestioned and unflinching loyalty, along with his quick fire temper, will lead to his death in thirty years, in Campbell & Hatch’s Billiard Parlor, when he is shot in the back, just a month before his 31st birthday.  This comes as an aftermath of the most famous gunfight in the frontier, that took place in a vacant lot beside a corral in the booming mining town of Tombstone, Arizona. 


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