Kindle now available!

I just want to let it be known that all five of my books are now available on Kindle.  Support a starving artist, get a book to read on your Kindle.  They are $9.99 each, so get a couple for the long holiday weekend when all you will be able to see on tv are the same old Christmas movies and Christmas specials.  Read something you’ve never read before!

  1.  Common Threads
  2.  The Spirit of Redd Mountain
  3.   A Matter of Honor
  4.   A Matter of Justice
  5.   The Troll Bridge

The Troll Bridge

The proof is on the way to me for a review, and once I approve it, I can make it available to anyone who wants it. Hopefully there will be someone who wants to read it.  I am hoping that it will be available by December 10.  I think it is a good story.  

The Troll Bridge

Just want to tell anyone reading this that my latest story, “The Troll Bridge”, is now finished.  The cover has been designed and printed, and I am waiting for the finished proof.

This is a story about mysticism, spirits, and the hint for instant wealth and the price that can take on those who are willing to take shortcuts.  It takes place in 1930’s west Texas, and it involves four teenage friends and a lost treasure from the Confederacy.   Look for it soon on this website or order it from Amazon!