News Update

It has been a while since I had the time to put anything up here, and for that I apologize to anyone reading this  I have been rather busy, and was slowed down for two weeks by the nasty bug making the rounds in this area.

So here is what is going on for me.  I am working on six new stories at this time,. a little bit on each one as the muse presents itself.  In no particular order, they are:

Mr. Wysquers Returns — Mr. Wysquers goes on another trip.

Something to Talk About — A man who doesn’t like cats has an accident and finds his girlfriend’s cat now wants to talk to him about something important…to the cat.

The Best of Friends — A group of career criminals find their mentor has other plans for them.

The Ghost of Cactus Flats — A modern day western with a hint of the supernatural.

The Inside Man — Another ride with Jonah Berryman, the bounty hunter.

The Wages Of Sin —  A man learns there is no such thing as a free lunch.  Also with a hint of the supernatural.

These are the working titles, and the general plots, but I reserve the right to change it as I get into it.  Right now I am developing all the characters and giving them their back stories so I can be sure they act consistently within the story.

This takes a lot of time, and you don’t see the results immediately, but I feel it pays off in the end.

I will put up something when I am farther along.  Until then….