Mr. Wysquers

I have five out of fourteen stories completed for Mr. Wysquers.  I am aiming for this to be done for Christmas, as I want this to be a some-what inspirational work.  It is based on my practice and what I teach clients about re-inventing themselves in spite of  what may look like overwhelming odds.  It can be done, if the individual is willing to do the work necessary.  Over the years, I have seen many do it them-selves and begin to enjoy their lives once more, or for the first time. These stories represent some of the people I have known over the years, and the steps they took to achieve those goals.  

I will update this as I complete them, and I will say there is an “easter egg” in the stories.  We will see who is able to spot it when the book is done.  


Stay tuned!

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