Mr. Wysquers


It is December and fourteen different people are feeling depressed, isolated, alone, and lost.  Just as each is at the end of their emotional rope, into their life comes a jovial stranger who changes everything for them. Although he doesn’t do anything directly, he brings hope and encouragement to those he interacts with. He leaves a permanent imprint on all of those with whom he meets, and he truly leaves them in a much better state than he found them.



Pemberton N. Wysquers is an elderly English businessman, who runs a worldwide package distribution business.    Every year, he takes a week off from work to get out of the office and meet with his prospective new clients.  He once told a friend it is a good feeling to get out of the office, as much as he loves what he does, because he has learned over the years that a business is only as good as the public perception of their ability to deliver on what they promise.

Pemberton has been heard to say that he likes the one-to-one contact, as it helps him understand how his business is doing and what it can be doing better. He prefers to meet his customer base on their level without any pretense or flashy presentation, as that might not comfortable for them and they wouldn’t be able to be honest with him about what their needs are, regardless of their age.

During his week on the road,  Pemberton often looks for the people who might be a likely future customer.  He has a magical way about him that invites openness and people find him easy to talk to, often sharing their private pain and fears.    To those candid individuals, Pemberton has a kindly word of advice and encouragement, always without talking down to them or telling them what to do.   It is a delight for him to share a few moments of their time, to get to know the real person, and sometimes share some of his experience and the wisdom he has gained over the years.

This week he has revisited a few old friends, and he has offered a few new friends something they had believed they had lost on their journey through life, the feeling of hope.  He also brings with him the opportunity to look at what their life could be, if they were willing to do the work needed to make it come true, and a suggestion on how they might do it, even as he gives them renewed sense of who they are and what they are capable of.  When all seems lost, in one moment in time, as if by coincidence or magic, they brush shoulders with Mr. Wysquers.

Ride with Pemberton this week as he makes his yearly venture out of the home office and into the field to see the people he works for.  Keep your eyes open for him, and maybe he will offer you a ride in his prize vehicle, a vintage candy-apple red Cadillac.

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