The Troll Bridge


The story of the Lost Confederate Gold has entertained and lured treasure hunters for years.  Duane and Tony grew up hearing of this tale.  They also heard another tale of a monster that lived near the riverbank, that is guarding the gold.  The adventurous Duane decides they need to find the gold and be rich and famous.  They quickly find themselves having to take a hated rival on their team, but he is able to find someone who has the mechanical skills they need.  When they discover A. B, Conway is a girl, things get really complicated.  When they get inside the cave, things start getting really weird.   They soon realize they may have bitten off more than they can chew as they try to find that gold.  They quickly discover there are spirits in that cave who don’t want them there or to leave with the gold.

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In 1935 west Texas, two teenagers — Duane McCathern and TonyPicano  — decide to go search for a lost treasure of Confederate gold based on an old tale told by a retired Texas Ranger, involving Indians and a mysterious spirit.  As their hunt starts, another boy, a long-time rival, finds them in a cave and they must reluctantly include him in their hunt,  It doesn’t take them long before they realize they need more help so their new partner brings in someone, an A. B. Conway, that he says has the expertise and the skills they need to get the gold they believe is hidden in that cave.  The only problem is that A. B. Conway is Abbie.  Tony is at once smitten and Duane is clearly annoyed.

Once they get the hunt underway, Abbie proves her skill at fabricating machinery is beyond their expectations.  And that is a good thing as the hunt suddenly takes an unexpected turn as all of them begin to have out of body experiences and they run into other supernatural problems.  As they get closer to the gold, the problems mount and Duane and Tony start showing signs of stress.  Then things really start getting strange as all four start having visions of the past. A spirit from the past begins influencing their actions, leading Duane in one direction and Tony in another.  As both the distant and the recent past begin to reveal themselves, all of them must make decisions that will have long lasting results.  Abbie has to choose between Duane and Tony, and Duane must choose between Tony and Abbie.  Who, if any, will make it out of the cave and who will make a deal with the Devil.

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