Trivia Contest for August

Okay, so here’s the rules for my Trivia contest.  I have 10 questions for you, and this first group is relatively easy.   Obviously some of you will be quick to go to the internet to look up the answers, but I hope some of you will know them from your reading.  Anyway, I will leave this up for a month, and whoever gets all 10 questions right gets a copy of one of my books.  Not a great prize, but this is a simple and small trivia contest.   You still get something for nothing, so it’s all good, right?  In order to get the book, you have to leave me your mailing address.

The book up for grabs this first month is “Common Threads”.  It is a western, set in Reconstruction era Alabama.  It was my first attempt at writing, so be tolerant of a few small technical details.  I have a fondness for this story, because it was my first.    So, here are the ten questions.  Good luck and have fun!



Trivia contest – August


01:  Who is Davis Tutt and why is he famous?  

02:  Ilion, New York was the home of what company? 

03:  “Garryowen” was the marching song for what unit of the US Army?  

04:  John Brown was arrested by what two future legends?  

05:  Who is Thomas Corbett and what is his claim to fame?  

06:  Who are Myra Belle Shirley, Robert Leroy Parker, Jane Canary, Harry Longabaugh, William H. Antrim, Elizabeth Bacon, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson and Samuel Langhorne Clemens?   

07:  Who is Heinrich Hartmann Wirz and why was he the only soldier hung for war crimes?  

08:   Who is Laura Keene, and what is her claim to fame?  

09:  What do David Herold, George Azterodt, Lewis Powell and Mary Surrat have in common?  

10:  This actor got his start serving as a ‘go-fer’ on the set of Tom Mix movies.  He would stand around listening to Tom Mix talking to an older man who was always hanging around, giving Tom ‘technical’ advice.  This actor copied much of his later screen personas from this old man.  Who were these two icons of the old west?  



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