St. Lucie Co. Local Authors Book Fair

Just a reminder, the St. Lucie County Local Authors Book Fair is going to be on March 12.  I will be at the Morningside Library location (2410 SE Morningside Blvd, Pt. St. Lucie  337-5632) from 10:00am to 12:00pm, along with Sue Arndt, Janet Balletta, Fred Berri, Sheila Craan, Aria Dunham, Stephanie Erickson, Gail Gilroy, DonnaMarie, Margaret Hawke, L. D. Hedman, Karen Howard, Gene Hull, George Jackson, Carole Lee Limata, Megan Loughlin, Maritza Mejia, CHad Miller, Yashi Nozawa, VIrginia Nydard, “Tiger” Lydi Pallares, WIllard F. Rockwell III,  Albert Schwartz, Solana Tara and Christos Tzanetakos.  Come by and say hello to all of us!  Maybe even buy a book?

The other location is the Ft. Pierce Branch (101 Melody Lane, Ft. Pierce,  462-1615) from 1:00pm to 4:00pm.  Local authors at that site will be R. J. Blacks, Linda Bolton, Rod Burns, Joanne E. Caras, Jacquetta Cook, Nancy Dale, Danny L. Davis, Paul Dawson, Rosemary Dronchi, Pamela Frost, Regena B.,  Demetrious, E. Glimidakis, Thea Harris, Dorothy (Smith) Haynes, Linda Gordon Hengerer, Josephine Johnson Knight, Lynn Michelsohn, Heather Murray, Ned Schwartz and Raymond Tortolani.

After you leave us, go by and see them too!  Support Your Local Author!

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